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Toys That Pets Love

Innovative pet products to keep your pet actively engaged & exercised.

Product Range

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Automatic Cat Toy

Cats often get bored with toys - but not with this amazing toy that randomly shoots up and down!  The toy’s unpredictable movement ensures your cat will stay engaged for hours.

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Rocking Cat Toy

Feline Freedom Unleashed.  Since most cats are indoor pets with limited exercise opportunities, this cat toy for indoor cats serves as a great solution to capture their attention and encourage running, pouncing, and jumping

Dog Training Pole

Dogs need not only physical exercise - but mental exercise as well! This toy simulates the challenge of hunting and chasing while keeping your four legged friend well exercised.

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Ebooks & Manuals 

Click here to download e-books and manuals for our products.

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We Make
Pets Happy

About Us

We are a small company who believes that a pet's mental health is just as important as its physical health. Boredom and anxiety are common traits among pets that are not challenged enough mentally – and we see this manifest as “bad” and destructive behavior.

That’s why we at FunPetz are singularly focused on finding products that can keep your pet physically and mentally engaged.

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Innovative Products

We are constantly looking for new products at an affordable price.

Caring About Pets Wellbeing 

Our products improve your pet's mental health & keeps them engaged.

Top Customer Support

We are a US-based company and we stand behind our products.

About Us


"Incredible Fun"

“I’ve never seen my pet have more fun!"

"Great Distraction"

"I’ve noticed that if my dog doesn’t have enough “to do” during the pay, she gets antsy...and I’ve lost too many shoes and slippers because of this! After running her around with the flirt pole in the early evening in our backyard, she no longer has the energy to be destructive."

"Very Impressive"

"At first I didn’t believe it would be possible to teach my dog to use these buttons. But after watching videos on YouTube I wanted to give this a try. After a few weeks of training on the first button, she has finally learned the connection between the button and the desired action. Amazing!"

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Unique Products

Our products have distinctive features that you & your pets will love. 

Automatic Cat Toy - Battery operated and completely cordless allows you to place this device anywhere - in your office, family room, or bedroom.  

Voice Recording Buttons - Each set comes with 6 buttons and stickers with common commands so that you can customize each button.

Dog Training Pole - The training pole is telescopic and comes with a carrying case for each transport.  Included in each set of two unique toys to keep your pooch engaged.

Warranty Claim

We stand behind our products with a hassle-free 60 day more-back guarantee



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